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  • Overview
    channela logo

    “Channel A, A Canvas that holds Your Dreams”

    Channel A is a nationwide general broadcasting network in South Korea, providing its contents to varied media platforms like cable, IPTV, and digital streaming media. Channel A has produced new original contents and creative formats over the past years. We steadily make timeless efforts to create young and edgy programs, which have allowed us to cooperate with global media companies such as BBC, YouTube, dailymotion, and Netflix.

    Furthermore, Channel A was able to put together a solid portfolio of numerous award-winning TV programs. Channel A’s [Exodus Out of North Korea], a documentary film about North Korean refugees, has won a “Platinum Remi Award” at the 2014 World Fest-Houston International Film Festival and [Now On My Way to Meet You], a Channel A hit talk-show, has received global recognitions from multiple news broadcasters in Japan, United States, and Europe. Also, a food crime investigation show, [X-File, The Food Story] has won several government awards including the “Best Program of the Month” from the Korea Communications Standards Commissions for its positive social influence.

    The Company’s largest shareholder, Dong-A Media Group (DAMG) consists of 12 affiliate companies including Dong-A Ilbo, Korea’s first and foremost newspaper since 1920.
    Following the footsteps of Dong-A Ilbo, Channel A shares the newspaper’s strong informing power and media credibility.
    The synergy between Dong-A Ilbo and Channel A allows the network to deliver premium contents, ranging from reality and entertainment shows to documentaries.
    Contact us
    Address : 1 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03187 South Korea
    Phone : +82-2-2020-3176
    Person in Charge : Hyesung Kim / Deputy Manager, Contents Sales Team
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    ??A ?????? 02)2020-3100
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    ???????: 101-86-62787 ????????: 022357? ???????: ?2012-????-0195?
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